recording single time through story

Being alive means perpetually learning

Kehidupan berotasi bersama waktu, menuangkan cerita berbagi pelajaran. Berkelanjutan dan dinamis. Pengalaman ada pada belajar, karena belajar adalah hidup seutuhnya. Jangan malas belajar. Coba terus dan cobalah lagi. 

Karena hidup adalah proses belajar tanpa henti. 
Ayo coba lagi. Bismillah…

(Shot at KLIA 2, Dec 18, 2014)


An Aerial View of Palembang

Palembang town was devided by Musi River into two parts of region (seberang ulu & ilir) and well connected by Ampera Bridge for moving in citizen life who dwell in those separated land. 

Captured, while momentarily taking off from Sultan Mahmud Badarudin 2nd Airport, leaving for Jakarta at July 30th, 2015.

Just be brave

You can seek the advice of others, surround yourself with trusted advicers, but in the end, the decision is always yours and yours alone. And when it’s time to act and you are all alone with your back against the wall… The only voice that matters is the one in your head, the one telling you what you already probably knew. The one that’s almost always right.

Meredith Grey – ‘If Only You Were Lonely’
(Source: greys-anatomy-quotes)

Poaching Ketupat

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After all now it’s the last day for fasting, we’ll commemorate the day of victory (Idul Fitri) for succeeding to have 30 days fasting of Ramadan. By the way, Idul fitri in Indonesia was so distinctive. Our country has so ubiquitous traditions in which merely occurred every year in the way of its commemoration. From a ritual mentioned as ‘Mudik’ (some urbans go back to their own villages where they get from for family and colleagues visit) and a cuisine that’s so commonly served in Idul fitri called as ‘Ketupat’ (a pouch that whickered from palm leaves filled with rice then poached in boiling water for some hours served with special gravy or other dishes that merely found on Idul fitri). I’m a Moslem in Indonesia as well, who commemorates Idul Fitri through that way. Including our own residence is in that way, so hectic in preparation for the next day. Being exhausted, but that was so glad to do since it would be a yearning stuff as I’m unable at home for Idul Fitri some time. it’s more than 4 years already, I’ve never had Idul Fitri with my beloved family for my work reason. That’s been a while, right. Being together with my own family would be such of peculiar thing for me now. But anyway, that’s a consequence of my work and it’s my own choice.
And now this year, is so different. It’s my turn to be at home on Idul Fitri day with my beloved family. I will never leave those single moments, the ambiance of Ramadan until Idul Fitri must be well recorded in this blog. and I will miss this scarce moment for the next year could be. Some shots above are the sequences of poaching ketupat done by my mother at our house. Being so excited anyway. I do love to take shot this moment.
Well, this Ramadan will end in some hours count then subsequently turn to syawal. I do expect, may all of us are the winner to those righteous exams and be a real of men who are able to back at zero point of life in Fitri Day.


The Night of 21 In Ramadhan 1435H

DSC05663So dramatic, the greatest word to depict this picturesque night. By raining falls down gently, pouring such outstanding fresh on earth. The replication of thunderlight breaks the silent. And the night breeze exhales some tranquil atmosphere. beneath the glowing of yellowish bulb, Me on seat at side of mosque terrace while staring at falling droplet of rain which enlightened by the street lighting. With a glass of fresh drink on my grasp, yes it’s getting sweeter to sipped. I just done tarawih for this night. Being so well to discover again to the holly Ramadhan.
No excuse to always thanks Him for all delectations has been bestowed upon us. May grace of Ramadhan is always on us.

Stay cool in Ramadhan

Been on the 18th day of Ramadhan and I’d like to say ‘Alhamdulillah’ for every single time which passed by within this favourable Ramadhan. Everything is felt so distinctive for some way within this special month. Not only for woshipping affairs for each personal which is supposed to have better improvement but also for daily stuffs demand better level as well in Ramadhan. But anyway, let’s return to the essence of this sacred month where us basically as His hollow slaves are capable to do a self contemplation to the deeds or sins which already done in the past, humbly beg to Him an indulgence while expecting can get back to zero point at the end. Certainly, by doing fast in right manner, as what He want to.
I myself felt such divine, suddenly occured to my own soul where what a merciful He is, for granting me again of wonderful Ramadhan this year. Being so grateful, anyway. I’m unable to depict such a best tranquality is alive at the single time goes by, anything is so easy to be exerted and passed by along the day. Atmosphere of Ramadhan is extremely magical to put all things to be righteously acted. All the people surounded, looked getting more vigorous to worship, speaking good or even nice to hear, wearing good outfit everywhere, doing good for help frequently, and many things about good ones. In Ramadhan those views would be some ordinary stuffs witnessed in the day. What if along the year is being like that, well I mean that Ramadhan is able to be discovered everyday. Let’s say, what a wonderful world ever.
Yet genuinely, once in a year He provides us a scarce chance to edify ourselves respectively to be a better human who fully abide and well devout to Him. It reveals that how great He is and actually loves us as His slaves. Be a prosperous one who takes a part of this worth opportunity since uncertainly we can meet it for next year. Well, I remind to myself anyway.

Have a best vigor to meet your victory day. Happy Ramadhan.